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Natural Gas Fireplaces Can Be a Source of Heat

In addition to beauty, some natural gas fireplaces can provide a substantial amount of heat, the amount depending on the type of fireplace you purchase. For the aesthetic effect, choose a product certified as a "vented natural gas fireplace.” For heat as well as ambiance, choose a "vented natural gas fireplace heater" or a "vent-free room heater.”

Natural gas fireplaces are easy to install and a great value-added feature to attract renters and buyers. Create a warm, cozy atmosphere without any messy clean-up or firewood storage. They’re easier than ever to include in room designs because they can be vented horizontally, or without any venting or chimneys at all, giving you the flexibility to place them on interior as well as exterior walls.

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Natural Gas Campfire

Enjoy your deck or patio year-round with the warmth from a beautiful natural gas campfire or fireplace. A one-time set-up and connection to your home's gas line eliminates forever chopping and hauling firewood. Get the comfort of an outdoor campfire with the simple turn of a knob. When you're done, just turn it off and forget about cleaning up messy ashes.

A natural gas campfire looks like a wood burning campfire and puts out warming heat that’s welcome any night of the year. Outdoor patio fireplace and campfire styles include traditional, full-size built-in fireplaces, charming chimneys, rustic campfires, robust fire pits, chimeneas, or space-saving table top models for smaller backyards. Build your own campfire surround or choose from prefabricated ones, such as small cast iron bases to use in a smaller backyard.

High-input burners made of ceramic or stainless steel provide instant heat to the surrounding area. Electronic ignitions enable easy, instant starts with the push of a button or turn of a knob.

To maintain your natural gas campfire permanently installed to your gas line, use a cover to protect it from the elements.

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