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Last Updated: 2013-06-18

Among all of the varieties of grills available on the market today, natural gas grills are the most reliable.

Natural gas grills have many benefits when used for cooking. Natural gas is low in cost and is one-third the price of propane; natural gas burns cleaner than propane or charcoal and is better for the environment. It is directly supplied to your home and removes the hassle of refilling tanks. Most of all, it's very convenient to use natural gas grills.

Natural gas grills are ideal for people who like to barbecue by offering great convenience and ease. Charcoal grills take a long time to heat up. While using natural gas grills, users do not have to worry about running short of fuel, as the grill is connected to the natural gas supply line piped to the home, which ensures a regular supply of fuel.

Natural gas convenience outlets allow for flexibility in the installation of natural gas appliances. Generally these products are used with outdoor appliances, but there is a model approved for indoor use as well.

Gas convenience outlets come standard with automatic shut-off valves with a safety interlocking feature. This feature prevents the user from disconnecting the appliance while gas is flowing. Some gas convenience outlets also come with a device that prevents gas from flowing to an appliance if the temperature reaches or exceeds 200ยบ F.


Gas convenience outlets are used most commonly in residential and commercial environments where rearranging appliances may be necessary. An outlet will commonly be used with appliances such as gas grills, fire pits, or patio heaters. The outlet also allows quick disconnect so that the user can unplug the outdoor appliance and store it for the winter.

Equipment Options

Decorative covers for the gas convenience outlet are available in white, black and satin chrome plated. Convenience outlets can be surface mounted or flush mounted.

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