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Last Updated: 2013-06-18

Treat yourself and your guests to a backyard retreat! Today's large varieties of natural gas outdoor products are available to give you more choices than ever. To choose the best products to create your own backyard entertainment retreat, consider researching the product information and determine what type of outdoor products best suit your needs.

You should "test-drive" a variety of products and ask the dealer about available options and the advantage of choosing each option. Also, ask about product warranties and if it is easy to purchase replacement parts.

Look for products that are design-certified by a nationally recognized laboratory that tests to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

Get estimates and compare the total cost of the product models you are considering. The product, installation, and operating costs can vary significantly depending on your needs, the product features, accessories, and options you choose. Be sure to ask the dealer if they assemble, install and service the products they sell. If not, ask if they will arrange or recommend a professional for installation and/or service.

Always make sure installation is correct and in compliance with local codes and regulations. Use a licensed installer who will provide you with a copy of all necessary permits and arrange for inspection by the city.

Please see the city of Richmond's Charge Policy for New Residential/Commercial Gas Service Lines

Outdoor living is one of the hottest trends for homeowners. Natural gas appliances make it easy and convenient to extend the outdoor living season without the worries of running out of fuel. Stylish products—from simple to high-tech—help you customize your outdoor room.

The Living Room Outside Your Door

More and more Americans are rethinking the backyard. Instead of a landscape, it’s becoming an extension of their living space —an important area for gathering, socializing, and entertaining. An outdoor room can be as simple as a grilling area or an entire backyard oasis. Many gas products are available to enhance your outdoor experience:

  • Grills start with the push of a button and are ready to cook in minutes. They also regulate heat more easily and allow you to cook at several temperatures simultaneously.
  • Outdoor fireplaces are available in many styles and sizes. They can be surrounded by granite, tile, stone, or any other material to match the style of your home.
  • Firepits can be built-in or portable. They radiate heat in a complete circle, similar to a campfire.
  • Patio heaters are popular for all outdoor spaces. They can radiate heat 20 to 25 feet in all directions. Patio heaters can be free-standing, or they can be post-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted.
  • Pools and spa heaters are very efficient. They can heat water seven to ten times faster than an electric heater.
  • Gaslights are a great way to add style and ambiance to your outdoor room. Lanterns, torches, and pathway lighting are available to match any outdoor room design. Plus, gaslights do not attract insects.

Get connected—quickly and safely

  • Gas convenience outlets are a great way to add versatility and safety to your outdoor room.

Gas convenience outlets:

  • Make installing and moving your gas appliances almost as easy as plugging and unplugging electrical appliances.
  • Increase appliance portability so you can redesign your outdoor space and reposition your appliances at any time.
  • Feature an automatic shut-off valve, which prevents gas from flowing unless the appliance is connected correctly.
  • Allow you to easily and safely disconnect and store your appliances when the outdoor season is over.

Help ensure that you never run out of fuel by using natural gas instead of wood or propane.

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