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Natural gas ranges are preferred by the world's best chefs and people who do the cooking in their own homes. A natural gas range turns on and off instantly, provides even heat, is easy to clean, and offers variable temperature control. And with a wide range of styles to choose from, it's easy to match any décor.

Many of the new natural gas cooking products use an electronic or spark ignition, rather than a continuously burning pilot light - resulting in energy savings. Natural gas cooking products come in many sizes and shapes. Most familiar is the free-standing range, which includes a cook top and an oven. Also available are built-in ranges, which either slide or drop in to a space between cabinets.

Commercial style ranges are now available for home installation. They have chrome or stainless steel finishes and multiple burners and ovens. These ranges are built with extra safety measures and insulation added specifically for home use. Cook tops are made of stainless steel or steel coated with porcelain or glass. Modular cook tops may have a unit that allows you to pop in a grill, rotisserie or wok. Standard models have four burners but some models have two, five or six burners. Some have a grill or griddle unit in the center or on either side of the burners. Natural gas ranges have their control knobs on the front of the cook top eliminating the dangerous need to reach over steaming pots or splattering pans to turn the heat up or down. There are child safe options such as push-to-turn control knobs that are appropriate if you have children in the kitchen.

Sealed burners are popular because they are much easier to clean than open burners. Standard, unsealed burners produce about 9,000 Btu per hour. (A Btu or British thermal unit is a standard measure of heat or energy output.) Sealed burners range from as much as 12,500 Btu per hour to 5,000 Btu per hour for simmering. Look for features that make clean-up easier.  These features include removable control knobs, porcelain drip pans under the burners, glass or porcelain back guards (rather than painted), and raised edges around the cook top to keep spills under control, and seamless corners and edges. 

A natural gas range costs about 20% less to operate than an electric range.

Moist Cooking

Natural gas provides a moist method of cooking so your baked foods and roasted meats will be perfect, not dry.

Stays on even in power outage

Even when there’s a power outage, most natural gas ranges will operate and keep you well fed!

Installation is a simple process for a licensed professional

When you have natural gas in your home it’s easy to add a new line for a range in the kitchen. A licensed gas fitter will install your new appliance quickly and easily.

Reduces the load on our electrical grid

A natural gas range is an excellent way to reduce your use of electricity. Considering a natural gas range costs 20% less to operate and offers you so many cooking benefits, it’s an easy choice to make.


Natural gas clothes dryers are a popular amenity for households of all income levels because consumers can dry two loads of clothes in a natural gas dryer, on average, for the same amount of money it costs to dry just one load in an electric dryer.

For additional savings and energy conservation, today's natural gas dryers use electronic ignition systems (instead of a continuously burning pilot light). In addition to running electric lines to the laundry area, builders should consider running a gas line - giving consumers the option to hook up a natural gas dryer now or later conveniently.

Unlike electric dryers, natural gas dryers provide instant heat that creates a fast but gentle heat that dries quickly and with less static cling. Unlike the electric alternative, a natural gas dryer provides full heat—instantly. That means your laundry will be done faster and come out fluffy and clean smelling.

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