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Vision Zero: Our Safe and Healthy Streets Challenge

Transportation deaths and injuries are preventable; therefore none are acceptable. On October 27, 2017 Mayor Levar M. Stoney signed the pledge to adopt Vision Zero in the City of Richmond.

The goal of the global strategy is to eliminate serious injuries and deaths on our streets by 2030.

Click Vision Zero to visit our page and to accept the Healthy Streets Challenge.

Our Safe and Healthy Streets Mission

Our Division is responsible for promoting the safe movement of people who walk, bike, ride transit or drive throughout the city. This is accomplished through effective transportation planning and data analysis, active transportation management, and construction of public travel ways that are designed using the Complete Streets process.

Our mission also requires partnerships with the community, non-profits, and involved local, state, and federal agencies. Quarterly, the Department meets to coordinate and collaborate with our safety partners at the Safe and Healthy Streets Commission. Together we can make a difference on our neighborhood and community streets.

Our Division maintains and operates over 475 intersections with traffic signals and determines placement and usage of regulatory and warning signage, (such as stop, yield, and speed limit signs), as well as street name signs. Residents and motorists can help by reporting problems with traffic signal equipment or signs to the City's Customer Care Center at 3-1-1

Our Division works with citizens, developers, and contractors to assist in planning of new subdivisions, location of driveways, and design of road improvements, as well as working jointly with communities to develop solutions to transportation safety issues.

Things you should know about the Transportation Engineering Division

Our Division promotes transportation safety in a manner that supports neighborhood/business area livability and viability. The neighborhood traffic calming program seeks to reduce the negative impacts of traffic in neighborhoods by managing traffic speeds in place. Working with the Richmond Police Department, the Richmond Fire Department, and the community is critical to achieving a balanced approach between education, enforcement, emergency response, and engineering when addressing concerns, The City has an active traffic calming program – pedestrian safety curb extensions, neighborhood traffic calming circles, speed tables, splitters, and raised crosswalks are the more common calming techniques promoted in the City.

Roundabout Speed Bump

  Neighborhood Traffic Calming Circle                                               Speed Table

Traffic Chokers - 29th St & Perry St Traffic Splitters - Westbrook Ave Raised Cross Walk - 10th St

      Traffic Choker                                    Traffic Splitter                                     Raised Cross Walk

Our Division has a comprehensive pedestrian safety program.  To promote pedestrian safety, a variety of measures are used including:

  • High visibility crosswalks at signalized intersections;
  • Accessible ramps for all users;
  • Pedestrian crossing times adequate for all users; and
  • Pedestrian countdown signals and
Crosswalk Crosswalk Sign                          

                                     Pedestrian Cross Walk                              Cross Walk Sign

Comprehensive Traffic Studies

Traffic Control

Our Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operations of over 475 intersections with traffic signals, 50 school zone flashers, hazard identification beacons and 37 closed circuit TV cameras. We have a traffic operations center to manage traffic signal timings and respond to planned events.

Traffic Lights Downtown Traffic Speed Lights Traffic Control Cente

          Traffic Signal                                  School Zone Flasher                            Traffic Control Center

Bicycle Infrastructure

Our Division is responsible for the installation of bicycle infrastructure such as shared use paths, protected or separated bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, shared lane markings (sharrows), bike share stations, and bike racks:

Shared Bicycle Lanes Bicycle Cycle Track Bicycle Rack

Shared Lane Markings                            Bicycle Cycle Track                                       Bicycle Rack

Manchester Bridge Bike Lanes MLK Bike Lanes

Manchester Bridge Bike Lane                              Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge Bike Lane     

Additional Information

       - The links listed below provide additional information on transportation in the City:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a form for obtaining disabled parking in residential areas?

Yes, please review the guidelines and application here.

I need to work in the city streets. What approval is needed?

You will need to apply for a work-in-street permit. Applications are available in Room 110 of City Hall from the
Planning and Develpment Review Department. Phone: (804)646-4169. Bring a drawing of the improvements with the application. Fees for the permits range from $20 to $100. Right of way management.

I need to get a loading zone established or removed. How do I apply for one?

Call 3-1-1 and ask. We will need the location and information about the nature of the businesses in the area. We will review the location in the field and make a recommendation that will benefit the area.

I need a hauling, moving or oversized load permit. How do I apply for one?

The Division handles oversized or overweight load permits. Completed application for hauling permit form (click on for link) can be emailed to

Permits will be emailed back to the email address provided by the applicant.

Completed applications may be printed and sent with your payment of $25 to the following address:

      Department of Public Works
      900 E. Broad Street, Room 600
      Richmond, VA 23219

Restricted Structures in the City of Richmond? (link):

Map & List

I would like to close a street to hold a special event. What do I need to do?

The Richmond Police Department handles the street closing requests.
Call (804)646-1343 for more information.

The following links are also available for your information:

Additional Resources

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RVA Impact Map displays projects (i.e. gas, water, paving, etc.), events (i.e. parades, races, block parties, etc.) and right of way impacts (i.e. detours, partial and full lane closures, barricades, parking restrictions, etc.) as an interactive map for informational and navigational purposes. Data displayed is refreshed as changes are made.

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