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The Urban Forestry Division (UFD) is responsible for planting approximately 2,000 new and replacement trees during the planting season, November 1st and April 15th. UFD maintains approximately 120,200 city-owned trees of more than 80 species.

The most common services UFD provides are removal of dead trees and pruning. A tree inspection may be requested by calling the City's Customer Care Center at 3-1-1. Generally, UFD crews will try to respond with an inspection within ten working days.

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The Urban Forestry Division also assists with community education regarding tree care, including speaking to neighborhood groups, conducting tree identification walks, and working with the city Tree Stewards program.

Tree City USA

For 25 consecutive years, the National Arbor Day Foundation has bestowed upon Richmond the distinction of Tree City USA. Only 46 communities, eight military bases, and three universities throughout the Commonwealth have received the designation to date.

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Congratulations City of Richmond for being designated a “Tree City USA” for the 25th consecutive year by the Arbor Day Foundation. Click here for more information.

Tree City USA

Adopt-A-Tree Program

Urban Forestry will accept applications for the
Adopt-A-Tree Program throughout July and August.
The tree planting season will begin in November.

Adopt-A-Tree Program is Tax Deductible

Residents may participate in the Adopt-A-Tree Program by making a tax-deductible contribution to the EnRichmond Foundation, which will go toward planting a new tree or trees. Additionally, participants agree to water the tree for the first two years as outlined in the Application/Citizen Tree Maintenance Agreement. Trees are planted in November through the end of April. For additional information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

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Year                Tree Planting           
2009 1,068
2010 1,104
2011 1,988
2012 2,088
2013 2,250
2014 2,245
2015 2,052
2016    136
2017    316
2018 1,790
2019 1,772

Urban Tree Canopy (UTC)

The City of Richmond does not have a UTC (urban tree canopy) goal established. Since a UTC goal would include trees on private property, it would require a Council resolution. The City has had, and is still trying to maintain a goal of populating at least 65% of identified planting sites on city-owned property. We are presently at 64.51%.

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This STRATUM (Street Tree Resource Analysis Tool for Urban-Forest Managers) will enable the city of Richmond to better assess its street tree resource. It also will provide a means for the city’s Urban Forestry Division to garner more support for their program, secure funding for initiatives and provide baseline data to improve division management. Click on the heading to read the report.

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Tree Inventory Mapping Application

A tree inventory was conducted of all public right of way trees and is made available here for public informational purposes only. This tree inventory was done by Davey Resource Group and it was completed in three phases starting in 2013 and finishing in 2015. Please use the interactive mapping application to zoom in to areas of interest to inspect the tree information.

Tree Maintenance or Removal

Permits for maintenance or removal of city trees are issued by the Urban Forestry Division in certain cases free of charge. A tree inspection may be requested by calling the City's Customer Care Center at 3-1-1.


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