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Last Updated: 2012-09-17

Government Resources

  • Administration on Aging -- Retirement and Financial Planning Online Resources.
  • Financial Literacy & Education Commission -- Offers articles, publications and tools on a variety of financial topics, including retirement.
  • Internal Revenue Service -- Website with information and tax forms. There are a number of publications pertaining to retirement and pension income, Individual Retirement Accounts, Older Americans Act, Taxable and Non-Taxable income and more. Use the Search facility to quickly find specific information
  • Medicare-- Helps individuals understand Medicare benefits and how to apply for coverage.
  • Social Security Administration -- The Social Security Administration now offers an online tool to estimate future retirement benefits and tools to apply for Social Security benefits online.
  • U.S. Government Web Portal -- The official web portal for the United States Government offers hundreds of helpful links to government resources.
  • Virginia Department for the Aging -- Commonwealth of Virginia’s online resource for seniors and their care givers.
  • Virginia Retirement System -- Retirement planning information.

Retirement Planning

  • American Savings Education Council -- This site includes information about the programs of ASEC to promote savings in addition to
  • Ballpark Estimate -- Two-page worksheet that helps you quickly identify approximately how much you need to save to fund a comfortable retirement.
  • Top 10 Ways to Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement -- A more graphical version of the PBWA document above.
  • Ernst & Young Personal Financial Counseling Website -- Offers a wide range of features such as Retirement Contribution Analysis calculator that you can download to compare different types of IRA's. There are numerous articles and a downloadable newsletter on financial planning topics, as well as tax preparation tips for the upcoming filing season and links to state tax sites where you can download different forms.
  • Mint -- User friendly online money management website.
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions -- Employees have access to their account information, investment information and very user friendly calculators such as: Morningstar guidance online, retirement savings calculator, paycheck impact calculator, future value calculator and much more
  • Retirement Income Navigator -- This site offers a free, downloadable presentation that highlights five important issues related to managing money for income that are not commonly discussed. It then presents an innovative solution for managing money for steady, dependable and long-term income.
  • Retire on Your Terms Education Program: sponsored by the National Retirement Planning Coalition -- The site offers helpful retirement savings information and videos.
  • T.Rowe Price -- This site provides information about their funds and a special decisions section for retirement planning. There is a retirement planning worksheet, Investing 101, managing your account, a glossary and more.
  • USAA: Are You On Track? –- Retirement Income Calculator on the USAA financial planning website.

General Retirement

City Benefits

  • Chapter 22 - Code of City of Richmond - Section of City Code that governs City of Richmond retirement benefits and retirement benefit administration
  • City of Richmond Department of Human Resources -- Information about benefits and employment with the City of Richmond.
  • ICMA Retirement Corporation -- provides account access to City of Richmond 401(a) Defined Contribution and Deferred Compensation plan members. Employees can manage their accounts online by changing allocations, transferring funds and more. Online tools include a retirement planning calculator, an asset allocation model and a hypothetical investment growth calculator.

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