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Service Name Service Business Unit Date Updated
Marriage Licenses Any Circuit Court in the State of Virginia can grant a marriage license. In Richmond, you may visit Room 101 in the John Marshall Court Building, 400 North 9th St.Map It To find out more about the requirements to obtain a license call (804)646-6767 for recorded information or visit the Circuit Court Clerks website for more information. Circuit Court 2009-11-01
Mental Health/Retardation Services The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority offers mental health services in crisis intervention, child and family, mental retardation, and adult outpatient services. For more information call (804)819-4000. RBHA is located at 107 South 5th St.Map It Behavioral Health Authority 2009-11-01
Motor Vehicles --State Registration and DMV Information All new residents of the City of Richmond who own motor vehicles have 30 days from the date of their arrival to register those vehicles with both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City. To register your vehicle with the Commonwealth of Virginia, obtain license plates, be issued a driver's license, or make any changes to your vehicle's title, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at (804) 367-0538 or visit their Richmond office at 2300 W. Broad St., Richmond VA 23269 .Map It . Not a City Service 2009-11-01
Meeting Rooms - Community Centers, Libraries & Other city Facilities There are meeting rooms available for civic and public service meetings at the libraries, community centers, and other city community facilities like park houses, the Carillon or Pine Camp Arts & Community Center. To find out more about reserving a space at one of the libraries, call (804)646-4256. For more information about community centers and other community facilities, please call the Scheduling Office with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities at (804)646-0761, (804)646-0036 or (804)646-0037.
Parks & Recreation 2009-11-01
MetroCare (Heating Assistance Program) This is a gas heating assistance program offered by the city of Richmond and through private donations administered by United Way and its partner agencies. Please contact the Department of Public Utilities at (804)646-4646 for more information. Public Utilities 2011-08-10
Maggie Walker Business & Technology Center The Maggie Walker Business and Technology Center houses a non-profit incubator for growing high-tech companies. The facility offers an array of business support services and office space that helps to defray start-up costs for small businesses. The incubator is a project of the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and is located at 501 East Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219.Map It For more information, please call (804)521-4002, or send a fax to (804)521-4004. Economic & Community Development 2010-02-08
Motor Vehicles City Registration All vehicles garaged within the city limits of Richmond must be registered with the city. This includes automobiles, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, campers and trailers. Military personnel, living in the city whose legal residence is not Virginia, are exempt from paying the registration fee. The vehicle license fee is assessed on those vehicles that are "principally garaged or parked" in the city of Richmond as indicated above. For information see personal property taxes and payment. For any additional information, please call the Department of Finance Customer Service Office at (804)646-5690, or visit City Hall at 900 E. Broad St., Room 103, Richmond, VA 23219 . Finance 2009-11-01
Medical Assistance
The Department of Social Services Economic Support & Independence Division offers a Medical Assistance Program (MEDICAID) covering the costs of doctor visits, hospital care, mental health, prescriptions, and other medical services. RDSS evaluates eligibility and provides many different forms of Medicaid, such as Aged Blind or Disabled, Long Term Care, Medicaid Part D Costs, Savings Program, Pregnant, and FAMIS (children's health insurance). Social Services 2018-05-03
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