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Last Updated: 2010-01-08

Richmond City Sheriff's Office

Richmond City Sheriff's Office
1701 Fairfield Way
Richmond, VA 23223

AreaPhone number
Office of the Sheriff(804)646-0930
General Information(804)646-4464
Community Relations(804)646-0924
Public Information (804)646-0222
Recruiting (804)646-0911
Fax (804)646-0968
Civil Process (804)646-6600

What are common telephone numbers requested by the public?
Department / AreaPhone Number
Richmond Police Dept(804)646-6718
Circuit Court One(804)646-6553
Circuit Court Two(804)646-8470
District Court One(804)646-6677
District Court Two(804)646-8990
Traffic Court (Northside)(804)646-6431
Juvenile Domestic Court(804)646-2942
Department of Corrections
General Information
Richmond Magistrate(804)646-6872
Probation & Parole District One(804)786-0251

a list of common email addresses requested by the public?

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