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The Quartermaster Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is operated by a staff of 18.

Quartermaster is responsible for the processing of all jail residents to and from the jail, as well as for the storage of jail resident property for all person's housed at the Richmond City Jail.

Property & Evidence

The Property and Evidence section is responsible for the accountable safe keeping of all property that is submitted by members of the Richmond City Sheriff's Office. It ranges from safe keeping to evidence for an arrest made by a deputy, to property recovered at the Richmond City Jail. Property is processed, returned to the owner, or disposed of according to protocol set forth in the code of Virginia.


The Laundry Division employs 5 deputies, and operates Monday thru Friday. They are responsible for the operation of the Richmond City Jail's Laundry equipment, as well as managing the jail resident detail assigned to their division. Residents housed at the Richmond CIty Jail receive an exchange of their linens and jail uniforms at least twice a week.

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