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Last Updated: 2010-07-22

"Being a part of making history"

Citizens of Richmond,

For the past 12 years, I have been honored to serve you as your sheriff. As I reflect on my time spent as the Sheriff of Richmond, I recognize all the good we have managed to accomplish together. Though there were some difficult moments, I believe the majority of my time spent as sheriff has produced a new way of looking at incarceration, criminal justice, and managing a correctional facility.

From the ground up, we built a rehabilitation and recovery program that has shown REAL results. The Recovering from Everyday Addiction and Lifestyles program has gained national and international acclaim for the forward thinking, ground breaking approach taken to combat addiction, a disease often formed to deal with traumatic events in one's life. I am proud that we will be able to continue this important work in the new REAL Community Center in Richmond. Countless lives have been helped by this program, and with statistical evidence proving the REAL program can help reduce recidivism, I know we will help even more.

Together with community leaders and Richmond City officials, we worked to fund and build a new justice center that would house incarcerated persons in a humane manner. Gone is the old Richmond City Jail, known as one of the worst local jails on the eastern seaboard, and in its place is a true center of justice, one that adheres to the latest security protocols, and yet one that can also provide effective programming to help those who come here leave as better citizens, and not better criminals.

Because of the REAL program and our new Richmond City Justice Center, we have been able to provide programs and opportunities to the residents who do well during their incarceration, which enable them to take advantage of privileges such as work release and home electronic monitoring (HEI). We have worked to lower our Average Daily Population (ADP) from 1400 when I first came into office, to 1000. I am proud of the accomplishments the Richmond City Sheriff's Office has made during my tenure. I leave behind capable individuals who will continue to serve with dignity and honor, and for the betterment of the City of Richmond, and its citizens.

Be Blessed,

Sheriff C.T. Woody

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