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The Sheriff's Office goal is to ensure the public is provided information related to the workings of the department. It is our desire to provide transparency and accurate facts about the Richmond City Sheriff's Office, so the public can draw well-informed conclusions about the Office and its level of service and commitment to the safety and welfare of the community. We rely on the members of the media to share this information and appreciate the opportunities we are provided to tell our story and share the latest news and developments.

CNN's This is Life with Lisa Ling episode entitled 'Fatherless Towns' featured the Richmond City Justice Center (RCJC) and the Sheriff's Office's Internal Programs Department. It took a deep look into incarceration and the effect on the entire family, especially the children. It focused on the Internal Program Department's REAL Program, the participants, and the goal to change behaviors associated with the criminality that led to incarceration. The group of men who were featured in the show were selected from a pool of applications that in addition to participating in the REAL Program, participated in a fatherhood program. The fatherhood program, entitled 'New Beginnings', is run through Partnership with the Richmond City Health District's Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative. The 16 course curriculum engages the participants in activities where they learn about each other's challenges and successes and reflect and gain critical insight into their own attitudes and behaviors about fathering. Activities are conducted that allow fathers to identify their own problems and solutions through self-discovery and peer learning. The culmination of the fatherhood classes and associated preparations, such as an etiquette class taught by butlers from Virginia's Governor's Mansion, resulted in a 'Dance of their Own' at the RCJC. The Father-Daughter dance, sponsored by Girls for a Change, enabled the father's, who were still residents (inmates) of the RCJC, an opportunity to not only spend the afternoon with their daughter(s), but connect and bond in a manner that they had not previously. For some fathers, it was the first time they had been around their daughter sober. For others, it was the first they had been around their daughter while in a suit. To say it was a moving experience is an understatement. Further, the lasting impact that the fatherhood program has on the relationship between the fathers and daughters is one that we will continue to monitor. We pray that this experience will result in a life long relationship between father's and daughters - one where the dads will not leave their children again because they are in jail or running the streets.

Style Weekly

Style Weekly

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Date Title Type
2017-07-18 Richmond House of Delegates Members Visit Richmond City Justice Center Press Release
2017-06-19 Sheriff's Office, VCU and Caritas Works Partner for Pilot Construction Training Program Press Release
2017-06-07 Sheriff Presented with Donation from Local Women's Group Press Release
2017-05-27 Sheriff Issues Statement on Shooting Death of Virginia Trooper Press Release
2017-05-22 Sheriff Accepts 1 Million Mohawks for Mental Health Challenge Press Release
2017-05-17 Naphcare Employee Arrested Press Release
2017-05-16 Sheriff Woody Praises City Council for Project Lifesaver Funding Press Release
2017-05-10 REAL Program Evaluation Results 2014-2015 Shows Reduction in Recidivism Study Results
2017-05-10 Sheriff Woody Announces Results of Recidivism Study Press Release
2017-04-12 Bryan Stevenson Visits RCJC Press Release
2017-03-28 Richmond City Sheriff's Office Receives 100% Compliance from VLEPSC Press Release
2017-03-15 Sheriff Woody Hosts 10th Date with Dad Celebration Press Release
2017-02-23 Richmond City Sheriff's Deputy Apprehends Larceny Suspect Press Release
2017-02-09 Judge Dismisses Sheriff Woody from Lawsuit Press Release
2017-02-06 Jail Resident Passes Away at Hospital Press Release
2017-01-31 Sheriff Woody and Chief Durham Partner for Project Lifesaver Press Release
2017-01-31 Deputy Finds Contraband on Arrestee Press Release
2016-12-21 Notice of Inmate Death Press Release
2016-12-21 Sheriff Woody Delivers Gifts to Children at Richmond Children's Hospital Press Release
2016-12-21 Deputy Discovers Contraband on Arrestee Press Release
2016-12-21 Sheriff Woody Hosts Motherhood Holiday Tea for Second Year Press Release
2016-12-20 Sheriff Woody Presented with U.S. Flag Press Release
2016-12-19 Sheriff Woody Announces Memorial Scholarship Fund Press Release
2016-12-15 Richmond and Chesterfiels Sheriffs Tout Cooperation in Receiving Mental Health Grant Press Release
2016-12-13 Richmond Sheriff's Office Announces Jury Scam Press Release
2016-11-30 REAL program Partners with Local Tattoo Removal Service Press Release
2016-11-21 Sheriff Woody Teams Up with 106.5 The Beat for Thanksgiving Press Release
2016-11-28 Federal Court Dismisses DOJ ADA Suit Filed in March Press Release
2016-11-09 5th Basic Academy Graduates at the Richmond City Justice Center Press Release
2016-10-03 Richmond Sheriff's Office Announces V3 Certification Press Release
2016-09-02 Sheriff Woody's Statement on Passing of Major Kenneth Anderson Press Release
2016-08-31 Misdemeanor Community Service Program Participants Beautify Ancarrow's Landing Press Release
2016-08-30 Sheriff Hosts Back to School Cook Out for Resident's Children Press Release
2016-07-18 Sheriff Woody Statement on Baton Rouge Police Shootings Press Release
2016-07-08 Sheriff Woody Statement on Dallas Police Shootings Press Release
2016-07-08 Sheriff Woody Mourns the Passing of Berrien County, Michigan Deputies Press Release
2016-05-18 Holocaust Survivors Speak to REAL Program Participants Press Release
2016-05-16 Sheriff C.T. Woody, Jr Recognizes National Police Week Press Release
2016-05-12 Sheriff Recognizes the Therapeutic Value of Yoga and Meditation Press Release
2016-03-10 Sheriff Promotes REAL Program to Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Press Release
2016-03-13 RCJC Hosts the Fifth 'DANCE OF THEIR OWN' Press Release
2015-11-17 Sheriff Graduates 3rd Basic Academy from RCJC Press Release
2016-02-03 2nd Woman Arrested Bringing Drugs into Jail Press Release
2016-02-02 RCJC Awarded Prestigious LEED Certification Press Release
2016-01-20 Woman Arrested Bringing Drugs into Jail Press Release
2016-01-19 Sheriff Woody Honors Unclaimed Veterans Press Release
2015-12-21 Sheriff's Office Gives Back to RVA Press Release
2015-12-22 Inaugural RCJC Holiday Tea Press Release
2015-12-16 Sheriff Hosts Job Preparation for Inmates Press Release
2015-10-21 This is LIFE With Lisa Ling on CNN "Fatherless Towns" News Article
2015-10-22 Richmond Jail's Rehab program on WRVA News Article
2015-10-21 CNN features fatherhood initiative at Richmond City Jail News Article
2015-10-21 RVA labeled 'fatherless town' by CNN News Article
2015-10-20 Richmond jail graduate celebrated on Steve Harvey News Article
2015-10-23 Former Richmond jail's inmate story to be aired on CNN and Steve Harvey News Article
2015-10-17 Long time Richmond inmate's turnaround story makes national TV News Article
2015-10-15 Richmond inmate died from complications of gunshot wound 8 years prior News Article
2015-09-14 Richmond jail's inmate admits to drug bust inside City Justice Center News Article
2015-08-01 Correctional News Magazine Feature on RCJC Magazine Article
2015-07-17 Names of inmates who died in Richmond jail released News Article
2015-05-18 Virginia must stop cycle of felonies by default News Article
2015-05-07 VA DMV helps Richmond inmates get IDs, birth certificate News Article
2015-03-31 Local authorities give insight on transporting prisoners News Article
2015-02-26 RCJC offers college scholarships to Inmates for the first time News Article
2015-01-23 RCJC program feature on Positively Richmond News Article
2015-01-12 TelePsych appointments helping inmates at Richmond Jail News Article
2014-11-18 The program that is helping Richmond inmates stay out of jail and never come back News Article
2014-10-03 Richmond jail 'frequent flyer' goes to extremes to tour new Justice Center News Article
2015-03-23 Annual Fathers and Daughters Dance Press Release
2014-11-25 AIA Recognizes Sheriff Woody Press Release
2015-05-05 DMV Connect Program offers Inmates IDs Press Release
2015-09-14 Drug Bust at RCJC Press Release
2015-09-02 Javon Morris Final Autopsy Report Press Release
2015-09-08 Shawn Samuel Jr. Final Autopsy Report Press Release
2014-10-03 Former Inmate Caught Press Release
2015-07-21 Inmate's Death Due to Natural Causes Press Release
2014-12-23 Inmates Embrace Holiday Spirit Press Release
2015-07-17 Jail Deaths Additional Information Press Release
2014-10-06 Former Congressman Kennedy to Host Recovery Rally at Justice Center Press Release
2015-09-15 Deputy Makes Marijuana Possesion Arrest at John Marshall Court Press Release
2014-11-21 Offenders Prepare for Reentry with Job Prep Course Press Release
2015-05-11 Sheriff Holds Picnic for Deputies in Honor of Correctionc Week Press Release
2015-07-14 RCJC Training Department Recertified by DCJS Press Release
2014-07-16 RCJC Residents Write President Obama Press Release
2015-07-21 RCJC Certified by Board of Corrections Press Release
2015-02-18 RCJC 1st Academy Graduation Press Release
2015-04-22 RCJC 2nd Academy Graduation Press Release
2015-03-18 Graduation for REAL and Fatherhood Programs Press Release
2015-09-29 REAL Program Graduation Press Release
2015-05-19 Chief Durham tours RCJC Press Release
2014-12-19 Telepsychiatry at Richmond Justice Center Press Release
2015-02-13 Sheriff's Office Continues Partnership Press Release
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