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Last Updated: 2019-08-05

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Our Programs

Children, Families, and Adults (CF&A)   [ en Español ]

The Children, Families, & Adults division focuses on ensuring that families and children are safe and
secure in their own homes, in foster homes, and throughout the community at large.

The office of the Children’s Services Act provides child-focused, cost-effective services
to troubled and at-risk youth and their families. In collaboration with parents, private service providers,
and other state and local agencies, CSA develops community and family-based plans to address the
needs of at-risk children in their home, keeping families together whenever possible.

The Economic Support & Independence division provides residents in need with tools and opportunities
that promote economic stability. ES&I supplies aid for those citizens who require assistance preserving
their own health and well-being, while also equipping them with skills that encourage self-sufficiency.

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