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Last Updated: 2014-05-30

The mission of the Richmond Department of Social Services is to strengthen families, assure safety, promote self-sufficiency, and improve the quality of life for all citizens of the city of Richmond through community engagement.

The department consists of three divisions.

  • The Child and Family Services Division focuses on ensuring that families and children are safe and secure in their own homes, in foster homes and in the community.
  • The Economic Support and Independence Division focuses on promoting economic stability and independence for single adults and families.
  • The Finance and Administration Division ensures the appropriate use of funds and accurate payment.


David Hicks -- Interim Director

Bragail Williams -- Acting Deputy Director - Child Welfare

Rebecca China -- Interim Deputy Director - Economic Support & Independence

Angelia Yancey -- Deputy Director - Finance & Administration

Contact Information:

Social Services
City of Richmond
Marshall Plaza Building
900 E. Marshall St.
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Customer Care Center: 3-1-1


East Richmond:
East District Center
701 North 25th Street
Richmond, VA 23223-6539
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Marshall Plaza Building
900 East Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23219-1538
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South Richmond:
Southside Community Service Center
4100 Hull Street Road
Richmond, VA 23224-1745
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