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Last Updated: 2018-05-07

The Mayor’s Breastfeeding Initiative focuses on encouraging policy, infrastructure, and environmental changes that promote a breastfeeding-friendly community, with a specific emphasis on low-income African American and Hispanic communities.

Highlighted projects include the Richmond Health Action Alliance (RHAA), a Healthy Communities Action Team (HCAT) funded by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. In August 2015 and 2016, the RHAA-HCAT launched RVA Breastfeeds, a social media campaign promoting community support for breastfeeding mothers. The RHAA-HCAT is also working to offer evidence-based breastfeeding educational materials and training to care-providers who serve low-income communities.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other agencies or individuals to build a breastfeeding-friendly city.

Breastfeeding Coordinator: Leslie Lytle (804)646-3612 or

Program Manager: Rose Stith Singleton (804)646-3784 or

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