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CDBG: Beckstoffers

The Beckstoffers project was completed in the spring of 2011. The development is a mixed use, mixed income in-fill housing development built on a three acre vacant industrial site in North Church Hill. Buildings are a mix of new and renovated housing that help build upon the surrounding historic neighborhood fabric. The development also has a mixed use zoning designation (R-63) that allows it to adhere to many of the principles of Traditional Neighborhood Design. The addition of new and renovated housing at the site, built to EarthCraft standards, is intended to increase the stock of high quality, energy efficient housing and help revitalize the community. Homes will be affordable to a broad range of incomes, incorporating a mix of rental and owner occupancy.

CDBG-Recovery Act funds were used to provide much needed infrastructure improvements on and immediately bordering the site in the form of new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street trees and storm drainage measures. Total development cost of all phases of the project is approximately $11.5 million. The CDBG-Recovery Act funds funded $ 478,229 worth of site and infrastructure improvements (less than 5% of TOTAL Development Costs).

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