Last Updated: 2010-01-01

CDBG: Citywide Repair Program

The Citywide Repair Program has been completed. ElderHomes Corporation (EHC) assisted 14 low and very-low income, elderly and/or disabled households through the program. These activities occurred throughout the city and assisted those most severely impacted economically by the recession. Housing rehabilitation helps to eliminate concentrations of blight by improving the structure and livability of the home. Long-term benefits to the surrounding neighborhood include improved neighborhood appearance, stabilization of home values, correction of code-related and safety deficiencies, and retention of owner-occupied units. Repairs were made to both the interior and exterior of the homes repaired with emphasis on visible improvements; correction of code and safety-related deficiencies; and improving the energy efficiency of each home. Preserving the aesthetics of the community improves the real estate market viability and the quality of life in the neighborhood. $146,833 in Recovery Act funds were used to repair the 14 housing units No CDBG-Recovery Act funds were used for administration or public service activities. For this project, 100% of the beneficiaries were low- to moderate-income individuals.

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City of Richmond
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Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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