Last Updated: 2010-01-01

CDBG: Oak Summit at Goose Creek

The Oak Summit at Goose Creek project was completed in the summer of 2010. Better Housing Coalition developed 45 new homes for sale in the Blackwell community known as Oak Summit at Goose Creek under Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority's (RRHA's) HOPE VI grant. As a part of this development project, significant improvements to the existing public infrastructure were made to accommodate the new homes. The improvements included new sewer and water mains, new sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street paving and alley construction using Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funding from the city. In addition, the original plan was to install ornamental period street lighting to enhance the appearance and image of this targeted area of investment to make the neighborhood a more attractive draw to potential homebuyers. With the city's increase in water and sewer connection fees, the lighting package could not be funded. $129,307 in CDBG-Recovery Act funds were used to provide some of the originally planned ornamental street lighting to include the lamps, the electrical wiring, conduit and installation. No CDBG-Recovery Act funds were used for administration or public service activities. At least 70% of the beneficiaries of this project will be low- to moderate-income individuals.

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