Last Updated: 2010-09-03

Pie Chart
Awarding Agency Award Name Project Name Amount Awarded as of 6/30/11 Dollars Allocated as of 6/30/11 Jobs Created in quarter ending 6/30/11
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Recovery Act - Victim Witness Part-Time Employees $97,132.00 $95,115.11 1.00
U.S Department of Justice Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) (Formula) Edwad Byrne $1,590,269.00 $1,590,269.00 0.00
Federal Emergency Management Agency Firefighters Fire Station Construction Grant Construction of Fire Station 17 $3,264,110.00 $382,015.39 0.29
Federal Emergency Management Agency ARRA Port Security Grant Program MDA - Communication Enhancements project $133,900.00 $133,776.19 0.00
Southern Virginia Internet Crime Against Children Task Force Recovery Act - Internet Crimes Against Children Initiatives Internet Crime Against Children Task Force $40,000.00 $39,700.16 0.00
Total $5,125,411.00 $2,240,875.85 1.29

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