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Last Updated: 2016-06-21

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Energy and its cost, availability and security are closely tied to the prosperity of a city. The city of Richmond and the Richmond community are taking steps to increase the city’s energy resilience by reducing overall energy consumption through conservation and increased efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Methods used aim to engage the broader community, leverage economic competitive advantage, and respect social equity.


Enhance Richmond’s energy resilience


  • Reduce energy consumption in city government operations

  • Lower building energy consumption citywide

  • Increase the use of alternative energy sources

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Government Operations

Reduce energy consumption in city government operations


Adopt a green fleet policy

Adopt a policy that increases use of alternative/electric vehicles in city fleet

Enter into a performance contract for all city buildings

Hire a contractor to bear the upfront capital costs of efficiency improvements

Adopt an energy efficiency procurement policy

Ensure purchases are made with energy efficiency in mind

Adopt an energy efficiency policy or Operations & Maintenance (O&M) standards for all city buildings

Create policy that promotes standards and guidelines for increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption in city buildings

Energy Consumption of Buildings

Lower building energy consumption citywide


Establish tax breaks for energy efficiency

Tax breaks for building owners based on implementation of energy saving measures

Establish a residential weatherization program

Promote community weatherization of buildings through a new program

Establish a fund to assist businesses with energy efficiency improvements

Set up a revolving loan fund to finance the cost of business-related energy efficiency upgrades

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Alternative Energy Sources

Increase the use of alternative energy sources


Provide low-interest loans for renewable energy projects

Provide easy financing for renewable energy installations that meet certain standards

Lower permit fees for alternative energy installations

Lower permit fees for renewable energy projects and installations

Promote electric vehicle use and charging stations

Encourage electric vehicle use and incorporate renewable energy at charging stations

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