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Last Updated: 2017-06-23

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RVAgreen 2050

Within his first 120 days in office, Mayor Levar Stoney announced RVAgreen 2050, a bold initiative to develop a deep carbon emissions reductions roadmap to reduce community-wide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2050 using 2008 as the baseline year.

RVAgreen 2050 is a comprehensive planning effort to create a healthier, more vibrant, economically competitive and resilient community. It will also increase clean energy resources, enhance the reliability and resiliency of our energy systems, and promote more efficient and affordable energy use for our community.

Rvagreen 2050 expands on a solid foundation formed by the city's RVAgreen Sustainability Plan that was adopted by City Council in 2012. It is the next evolution of the city’s sustainability program.

Under RVAgreen 2050, the city of Richmond is working collaboratively with stakeholders and the community to understand current energy patterns and associated emissions in the key areas of energy supply, buildings, and transportation.

The roadmap we develop will help us reach our 80% by 2050 goal by identifying ways to change the paradigm of how our community gets and uses energy, transforming our energy system, guiding us to more energy efficient buildings that save money for residents and businesses, and using cleaner and more reliable energy and transportation options that result in healthier air and a higher quality of life for our community.

Achieving deep carbon emissions reductions takes time. However, here are simple steps you can take now to make a difference.


As part of its RVAgreen 2050 initiative, the City of Richmond is proud to participate in SolSmart, a national program designed to assist and recognize communities that foster the growth of strong local solar markets by taking key steps to reduce barriers and make it faster, easier and less expensive to go solar.

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