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Last Updated: 2016-06-20

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RVAgreen Sustainability Plan

The RVAgreen Sustainability Plan is called A Roadmap to Sustainability and was developed in collaboration with many community stakeholders, businesses and residents. It is designed to improve the quality of life for residents, create a healthy environment and enhance economic opportunity in the city of Richmond.

The RVAgreen Plan has 55 initiatives within five focus areas.

  • Economic Development
  • Energy
  • Enironment
  • Open Space and Land Use
  • Transportation

RVAgreen Progress Report

The Sustainability Office tracks, measures, and reports the city’s performance on its sustainability goals through the RVAgreen Progress Report called Moving Sustainability Forward.

To provide a holistic view of how we’re doing on our sustainability goals, we use 13 indicators to convey high level progress in the five focus areas laid out in the RVAgreen Sustainability Plan.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories

The city has an ambitious goal to reduce city government and the community's greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 using 2008 emissions as the baseline. That equates to a 1.8% reduction every year. This goal is essential for a vibrant, resilient and economically competitive Richmond.

The Sustainability Office conducts a Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory to measure all carbon emissions throughout the community-the impact of everyone who lives, works, or visits Richmond.

It conducts a Municipal Greenhouse Gas Inventory to measure the carbon emissions of city government operations – from electricity consumption in city buildings to the gas used in city vehicles.


In 2009, the city of Richmond developed a baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory that used 2008 data as the baseline year.


The city updated its Community and Municipal GHG inventory in 2013. It follows the most current set of protocols that exist at the time it conducts the updates.

City Government Energy Report

The Sustainability Office works with city departments and agencies to integrate sustainability and energy conservation into operations and tracks, measures, and reports city government's energy performance through the City Government Energy Report.

Contact Information:

Richmond City Sustainability
730 E. Broad St., 8th Floor
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Phone: 311 or (804)646-7000

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