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Last Updated: 2016-06-21

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Sustainable transportation encourages individuals to reasonably choose between walking, biking, transit, and highly efficient automobiles for their daily transportation needs.

A truly multi-modal and sustainable transportation environment results in people making trips that are often more convenient, healthier, and more cost-effective with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


Transform Richmond into a multi-modal city


  • Reduce citywide vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita

  • Manage parking supply to encourage alternate modes of transportation

  • Make Richmond a bike and pedestrian friendly city

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Vehicle Miles Traveled

Reduce citywide vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita


Support Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Continue to identify opportunities to support Bus Rapid Transit in the city

Bus Enhancement Program with the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)

Invest in and support a GRTC Enhancement Program

Convert one-way streets to two-way streets

Convert existing one way streets to two way streets to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow

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Manage parking supply to encourage alternate modes of transportation


Require bicycle parking and ride-share preferred parking

Require new and encourage existing parking lots and facilities to provide parking for bicycles, ride-share, car share, alt fuel vehicles, and hybrid vehicles

Replace parking minimums with maximums

Replace parking minimums in city code with parking maximums

Visible Park-and-Ride lots

Establish visible park-and-ride lots for commuters

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Biking & Walking

Make Richmond a bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly city


Adopt a "Complete Streets" policy

Adopt a formal "Complete Streets" policy

Assess bike/pedestrian infrastructure

Conduct an assessment of the city's bike and pedestrian infrastructure

Bike-Share program

Implement a bike-share program in the city

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