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Last Updated: 2017-11-03

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Bicycle Infrastructure

  • 25 miles of bike lanes completed
  • 25 miles of buffered lanes starting construction in 2017
  • Franklin Street “cycletrack” from Monroe Park to the Capital starting construction in Spring 2018

RVA Bike Share

  • First deployment of 220 bikes and 17 stations, focusing on downtown and nearby areas
  • Second 220 deployment electric pedal assist bikes and double system to size to 440+ bikes and 40+ stations
  • Corps Logistics is handling the RVA Bike Share operations. Please contact them with questions or customer service needs at 1-877-782-2453
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  • Visit:
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Bikes, Completed Projects

As the City continues pressing forward to make Richmond more bike friendly, several projects have been completed:

  • Buffered bike lanes on West Leigh Street
  • Buffered bike lanes on the Lee Bridge
  • Buffered bike lanes on the Manchester Bridge
  • Construction of the City’s first bike-boulevard on Floyd Avenue [completion May 2016]

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Richmond’s First Bike Master Plan is Now Complete!

The City of Richmond and our consultant team from the firms Michael Baker, Jr., and Alta Planning and Design has developed the City’s first ever Bicycle Master Plan which details a proposed network of improved bike infrastructure throughout the City. This document was developed with extensive public comment and feedback and will serve as a blueprint as the City continues to build a more inclusive bike infrastructure. With nearly 3,000 responses to the online survey and several hundred comments and markups made with the online mapping tool, the City is confident that this plan moves Richmond in the right direction to improved biking convenience and safety.

Though this plan provides a degree of prioritization of projects for development of a connected network based on a range of factors, it is intended to be a living document that will evolve as the City moves forward with implementation and as new opportunities arise. Some details are more general as some projects will evolve as we move towards implementation and make determinations on the most suitable type of infrastructure and improvements along a particular street or corridor.

The complete plan and appendix can be accessed here:

Richmond Bicycle Master Plan [164.52 MB]

Appendix E – Corridor Inventory [37.47 MB]

Note: if you are using Google Chrome as your browser, the PDF documents may initially display with an unreadable font. If this occurs, reload the page (using the circular arrow on the browser bar) and the document should display properly.

Several noteworthy completed projects include:

  • Buffered bike lanes on West Leigh Street
  • Buffered bike lanes on the Lee Bridge
  • Buffered bike lanes on the Manchester Bridge
  • Construction of the City’s first bike-walk street (bike boulevard) on Floyd Avenue

Bike Paths

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