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Taxes, Permits, and Fees

Pay Bills online - overview
Pay Parking Violations online
Pay Personal Property Taxes online
Pay Real Estate Taxes online
Pay Utility Bills online
View and Pay Utility Bills (EBILL)
Real Estate Taxes
Search Real Property assessments and details
Search Real Property sales information
Appeal a Real Estate Assessment
Search for Real Property (GIS) - Parcel Mapper
Search for Real Property (GIS) - Zoning Mapper
Search Land Use (GIS) - Land Use Parcel Mapper
View Map Library
Map-It - Interactive map of Richmond
Search Tax Sale Properties - properties being sold for back taxes
Search Deeds Index
Personal Property Taxes
Admissions Taxes
Business, Professional, and Occupational Licenses Taxes
Daily Rental Property Tax
Lodging Tax
Machinery and Tools Property Tax
Meals Tax
Tangible Personal Property
Utility Taxes
Utility Bills
Tax Exemptions
Holding Special Events in Richmond
Vendor Licenses
Permits - download forms from Planning and Development Review
Permits - download forms from the Fire Department
Permits and Inspections - online search
Restricted Parking Districts
How to Pay Traffic Tickets and other Offenses
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