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Last Updated: 2017-06-14

The Mayor established the Anti-Poverty Commission in 2011 to provide his Administration with recommendations that have demonstrable results aimed at reducing poverty. The Commission has been charged with identifying strategies consistent with making Richmond a Tier One City, and with the development of a report detailing it's recommendations within twelve months of its establishment.

The Commission is comprised of community advocates, academics, community leaders, members of the business sector, and other stakeholders.

Below is a list of the committees that will be formed by the Commission to guide its work:

  • Job Creation
  • Education/Workforce Development
  • Policy/Legislation
  • Unique, Healthy and Inclusive Communities: Land Use Policy
  • Transportation/Regionalism
  • Asset Building
  • Research and Evaluation (phase II)

Mayor’s Public Forums May 21st and May 23rd 2012

Mayor's News Release

Mayor's Order

Contact Information:

Office of Community
Wealth Building
City of Richmond
900 E. Broad St. Suite 501
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Phone: 804.646.1872
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