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Substance abuse treatment is comprised of individual, group and educational counseling. As a participant, part of your treatment plan is the required participation in all three levels of counseling. They are designed to develop self-awareness, realize self-worth and practice self discipline. The individual and group counseling sessions will include problem identification and alternative solutions. The education groups will include videos, lectures and questions/answer sessions. You must contact your Probation Officer/Case Manager and/or Clinician if you are unable to attend or will be late for a scheduled session. Your attendance at counseling sessions will be reported to the Judge as part of your progress report.

In Case of An Emergency

The Drug Court staff is available for emergency supervision needs, therefore, for emergency purposes only, you will be given the cellular phone numbers of your substance abuse clinician and probation officer or case manager. You are not expected to abuse this service. Routine business is conducted during normal office hours. The Drug Court staff members and families should not be disturbed at home except in the case of emergencies. Examples of emergencies in which you should contact your substance abuse Clinician, Probation Officer or Case Manager outside of regular office hours are emergency travel in the event of death, medical or mental health crisis. You are also encouraged to contact your Probation Officer/Case Manager if you are arrested for any offense outside of the normal working hours. Do not contact staff to arrange last minute travel. A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency. Those individuals who abuse this service will be issued a sanction. Click on the following link for emergency medical form, if you need to report to the emergency room or doctor. Medical Form

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Adult Drug Court
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