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Bellemeade is a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. As far back as 1910, Bellemeade was known for its many African-American residents who worked at the industries on the Jefferson Davis Highway and Commerce Road corridor.

Today, Bellemeade is a front-porch neighborhood with a wealth of early-twentieth century one and two story Cape-Cod-style houses. Most was built in the 1940's after World War II to accommodate the soldiers coming home.

The Bellemeade community is committed to saving its structures with a character reminiscent of the early-twentieth century. In addition, new construction is designed to complement the neighborhood's character.

Neighborhood Services Information

Community Center

Bellemeade Community Center
1800 Lynhaven Ave.

Neighborhood Library

Hull Street Branch
14th and Hull Street

Neighborhood Schools

  • Oak Grove-Bellemeade Building
    2409 Webber Ave.
  • Oak Grove Elementary School
    2200 Ingram Ave.

Neighborhood Parks

Washington Square Park
900 Hull St.

Historic Sites

Manchester Court House
900 Hull St.

Contact Information:

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