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Swansboro is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the City of Richmond. Originally part of the City of Manchester, it was consolidated with the City of Richmond in 1910. After the consolidation, Swansboro remained a diverse and vibrant residential community consisting of primarily working class residents.

The primary architectural style of Swansboro's housing stock is the Bungalow-style cottage and many of the houses were constructed between 1910 and the 1940's. This style was popular throughout the early 20th century for middle class dwellings. Most of these structures are one and a half stories high with long sloping roofs, deep porches, and irregular room sizes. The appearance is of a low house using natural wood and stone to harmonize with the landscape. The roof lines are often dotted with dormers to allow light into the upper floor bedrooms.

The Swansboro neighborhood is generally bounded by Hull Street on the south, Broad Rock Road to the west, Perry Street on the north and Cowardin Avenue to the east. There are new houses being constructed in the neighborhood, as well as many existing houses that well maintained. There are also opportunities in Swansboro to find a "gem" ready for your personal touches to bring it back to its former beauty.

Neighborhood Amenities

Community Center

Boys and Girls Club
2411 Bainbridge St.

Neighborhood Library

  • Hull Street Branch
    1400 Hull St.
  • Westover Hills Branch
    1408 Westover Hills Blvd.

Neighborhood Schools

Elementary School
3160 Midlothian Tpke.

Neighborhood Parks

  • Carter Jones Park
    2813 Bainbridge St.
  • Forest Hill Park
    4021 Forest Hill Ave.

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