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Carver and Newtowne West were settled as working-class neighborhoods in the 1840s and '50s. The neighborhoods gave rise to many of Richmond's most successful industrial businesses which supplied much of the millwork and bricks that built Victorian Richmond.

Residents of Carver and Newtowne West were among the city's hardest-working skilled laborers. Their houses were mostly attached frame or brick buildings in the Italianate style, with storefront buildings located at or near street corners.

Any new construction has been in keeping with the Victorian style. The growing interest in restoration has turned Carver and Newtowne West into a city neighborhood destined to have a great future.

Carver and Newtowne West are located adjacent to the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. NiB Carver is bounded by Lombardy Street on the west, Marshall Street on the south, Belvidere Street on the east and Leigh Street on the north.

NiB Newtowne West is adjacent to Carver to the west and adjacent to Virginia Union University. It is bordered by Leigh Street on the south, Leigh Street W on the east, Moore Street on the north and Middlesex Street on the west.

Neighborhood Services Information

Community Center

Calhoun Center
436 Calhoun St.

Neighborhood Library

Main Library
101 E. Franklin St.

Neighborhood Schools

George Washington Carver Elementary
1110 W. Leigh St.

Neighborhood Parks

  • Smith-Peters Park
    904 Catherine St.
  • TOT lot in Newtowne East

Historic Sites

  • Bethany Baptist Church
    900 Catherine St.
  • Moore Street Baptist Church
    1408 W. Leigh St.
  • Old RichBrau Brewery Building
    1201 W. Clay St.
  • Maggie Walker Governor's School
    1000 N. Lombardy St.

Famous Residents

John Marshall, former Chief Justice and a member of Quoit Club.

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