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The Church Hill neighborhood embodies the historic nature of Richmond. Included in its boundaries are most of the original 32 blocks of the town laid out by Captain William Mayo in 1737.

Overlooking Shockoe and Downtown, Church Hill is Richmond's first historic district. Among its many attractions are St. John's Episcopal Church, where Patrick Henry delivered his famous "give me liberty or give me death" speech, and Chimborazo Park, site of the Civil War's largest military hospital.

The area features restored antebellum homes ranging from modest cottages to the magnificent mansions of some of the neighborhood's original residents, the managers of the Shockoe Valley factories. These handsome homes reflect influences of Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian architectural styles in their construction.

Complementing the older structures are developments such as Jefferson Mews on Jefferson Avenue. Locations such as Libby Terrace offer breathtaking views of the James River.

The NiB Church Hill Central neighborhood is located just to the east of downtown. Church Hill Central is bounded by 28th Street on the east to Nine Mile Road, the northern boundary is Nine Mile Road and Fairmount Avenue, 22nd Street on the West and then down Tulip Street to 23rd Street to Jefferson Avenue. The southern boundary of the neighborhood runs up Jefferson Avenue to M Street and then along M Street to 28th Street.

Neighborhood Services Information

Community Center

East District Initiative (EDI) Center
701 North 24th St.

Neighborhood Library

East End Branch
2414 "R" St.

Neighborhood Schools

  • Bellevue Elementary
    2301 E. Grace St.
  • Chimborazo Elementary
    3000 E. Marshall St.
  • George Mason Elementary
    2000 N. 28th St.
  • Woodville Elementary
    2000 N. 28th St.

Neighborhood Parks

  • Armstrong Field
    1611 North 31st St.
  • Chimborazo Park
    32nd and Broad Streets
  • Creighton Court Field
    2101 Creighton Rd.
  • George Mason Field
    2000 North 28th St.
  • Jefferson Hill Park
    21st and Jefferson Streets
  • Libby Hill Park
    Main and Franklin Streets
  • Parker Field
    20th and "T" Streets
  • Patrick Henry Park
    24th and Main Streets
  • Lucks Field
  • Mosby Field
  • Taylors Hill Park
    23rd and Franklin Street

Historic Sites

  • Chimborazo Park
    • Chimborazo Field Hospital
    • Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument
    • Miss Liberty Statue
  • Oakwood and Evergreen Cemeteries
    3600 E. Richmond Rd.
  • St John's Episcopal Church and Cemetery
    2401 E. Broad St.

Famous Residents

  • Gov. L. Douglas Wilder
    First African American Governor (Virginia)
  • James Warrell
    Founder of Virginia Museum

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