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The Office of Emergency Management

Seeks to prepare, mitigate, respond, and recover from disasters. Emergency Management does this by educating citizens, employees, and business in the City of Richmond and also by maintaining relationships with federal, state, and other local emergency management organizations. Additionally, Emergency Management helps to coordinate response resources such as fire, police, and medical. All city departments have a role during disasters large and small. The Office of Emergency Management engages the City of Richmond in becoming a resilient community while lessening the loss of life and damage to property.

The City of Richmond Emergency Operations Plan provides the structure and mechanisms for the coordination of support to impacted communities and affected individuals and businesses. It is compatible with the National Response Framework and provides the structure for coordinating with the state government in the delivery of disaster assistance. The Plan improves the City of Richmond’s capability to respond to and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.

Resolution adopting the EOP


Flooding is the most common hazard for the City of Richmond, and can happen as the result of many types of weather events. Most commonly, overland flooding occurs when a waterway such as the James River overflows the banks. Flash flooding occurs within a few minutes of heavy rainfall and often comes with little to no warning time. Localized flooding can occur as a result of drainage and storm water and exists on a much smaller scale than flash and overland.

All types of flooding should be taken seriously. Never underestimate the potential damage or harm that a flood can cause. A foot of water can float most vehicles so avoid driving through flooded roadways. Also do not walk through flood waters as they often contain harmful chemicals or debris that could potentially cause injury.

Try these flood risk scenarios for more on your risk for experiencing a flood and visit www.ready.gov/floods for more information on how to prepare.


For current forecast information visit the National Weather Service

CERT Training

CERT training for 2015 will be held on August 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Please fill out This Form to register and visit the CERT page for more information on the program.

Citizen Preparedness

Becoming community resilient begins with informed citizens.  Visit Ready.gov for information on preparing for a Hurricane and other emergencies.

WRIR 97.3

During an actual emergency, tune your radio to WRIR, 97.3FM for official, up-to-the-minute information from the City of Richmond or call (804)646-HELP to request critical services.

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