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Last Updated: 2010-01-11

High-Piled Combustible Storage

Permit Holder Guideline #24

PERMIT TITLE: High-Piled Combustible Storage

CODE SECTION: (Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code) 3201.2

SCOPE: Permit required for interior storage of combustible materials over 12 feet high or high-hazard commodities (such as tires, flammable liquids or Class 'A' plastics) over 8 feet high covering an area of more than 500 square feet.

FEE: $75.00 (Check payable to the City of Richmond)


REQUIREMENTS: Permit holder agrees to abide by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and any special stipulations noted on permit, as well as the following:

  1. Submit floor plan showing type of storage material (include sample MSDS if hazardous), height, aisles and brief description of safety provisions and procedures.
  2. Minimum width of 44 inches for aisles if sprinkled; 96 inch width aisles if non-sprinkled or use mechancial stocking and accessible to public. Keep aisles clear when not restocking; maintain a minimum of 24 inches of clear aisles spacing during manual stocking and 44 inches of clear aisles spacing during mechanical stocking.
  3. Maintain a maximum 20 feet long dead-end aisles, except where less than 2.5 times aisle width.
  4. Keep pile dimension, height and flue spaces within fire code limits.
  5. Submit substantial changes in materials or arrangements; which require reevaluating protection and may require a new permit.
  6. Portable fire extinguishers shall be maintained per NFPA 10 (based on storage hazard levels).
  7. "No Smoking" signs shall be posted and this provision shall be enforced.

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