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900 E. Broad Street, 5th Floor, Suite 501

Richmond, VA
23219 USA

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(Offices Closed on City Holidays)

Telephone:   (804) 646-5823

Fax:              (804) 646-6035


The  Office  of  the  Deputy  Chief  Administrative  Officer  for  Human  Services  (DCAO HS)  oversees  and  coordinates the direction and focus of the following City internal departments: Justice Services, Social Services, and Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, and The Office of Community Wealth Building.

The Office also serves as the liaison to the following external quasi‐independent and/or State Agencies with a Richmond City focus: Richmond City Health District, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority and the Richmond Public Library.  The Office oversees the internal agencies, and ensures program accountability for meeting the health and human service needs of the City of Richmond’s residents and visitors.  

The Office of the DCAO for Human Services has direct oversight of the following city agencies:

The Office of the DCAO for Human Services serves as the liaison to the following quasi independent and state agencies:

We provide a holistic wraparound of services to all residents of the City of Richmond, supporting their pursuit of well, full, and happy lives is the purpose and mission of the division of Human Services.

Department of Justice Services - 646-3259 or 804-646-5987

Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities - 804-646-5733

Department of Social Services - 804-646-7000

Office on Aging and Disability Services - 804-646-1082

Office of Community Wealth Building - 804-646-3108 / Career Stations: 804-646-6464

Office of Immigrant and Refugee Engagement- 804-646-0145

Office of Children and Families - 804-646-5454

Office of Equity and Inclusion - 804-646-4336

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority - General Services: 804-819-4000 / Crisis Services: 804-819-4100

Richmond City Health District - 804-482-5500

Richmond Public Library - 804-646-4867