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3000 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23234 [South]
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Hours of Operation:

Call for operating times and days.

Hickory Hill Community Center is located in the South side of the City. Amenities include a lobby, dining hall, warming kitchen, auditorium, fitness rooms, dance studio, library, computer lab, three conference rooms, art room and game room. Facilities outside the center include a basketball court, play equipment, ball field, walking trail and grills.

Recreation programs and classes are offered in the areas of cultural arts, fitness, dance, crafts, cooking, self- improvement, computer classes, drama, sports, games, hobbies, martial arts, music, and do-it-yourself instruction.

Pre-schoolers, children, teens, adults, and senior citizens will find a variety of recreation opportunities available at the center.

For more information about Hickory Hill programs, please contact the community center directly.

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