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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

Janet Andrea McCabe

On 09-05-2000 Janet McCabe did not show up for work at the Beyond the Fringe hair salon. An unknown coworker went by her home at 4800 Patterson Avenue to check on her but no one answered the door. At approximately 1207 hours the Richmond Police Department was notified and officers responded to the residence. Responding officers found the residence insecure and when they got no response at the door they made entry into the residence and found the victim inside deceased, suffering from undetermined injuries. An autopsy revealed that the victim died as a result of gunshot wounds.

The Richmond Police are asking for your help in solving this homicide.

If you have any information about this homicide or about someone who knows information about this homicide please contact:

  • Homicide Detectives - (804)646-6741
  • Crime Stoppers - (804)780-1000
  • Detective Sergeant Angela Smith - (804)646-5034 or E-mail

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