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Last Updated: 2019-08-14

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater runoff is rain or melted snow that flows over driveways, parking lots, roads, sidewalks, streets and roofs or any surface that cannot absorb water. As water travels over these surfaces, it picks up dirt, trash, oil, grease, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste and other pollutants and carries them all directly into our waterways.

Stormwater runoff does not flow to the treatment plant. It flows directly into the James River and Chesapeake Bay. Stormwater runoff can cause public safety hazards, health risks and environmental threats.

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Stormwater Credits

Outreach and Education

MS4 Regulatory Information

Flood Information

VSMP and Land Disturbing Permits

Chesapeake Bay

Drainage Maintenance and Improvements

To report local flooding and drainage and maintenance improvement issues, please call (804)646-4646.

Stormwater Projects

A list of our current stormwater projects can be found on RVAH2O

RVA Impact Map displays projects (i.e. gas, water, paving, etc.), events (i.e. parades, races, block parties, etc.) and right of way impacts (i.e. detours, partial and full lane closures, barricades, parking restrictions, etc.) as an interactive map for informational and navigational purposes. Data displayed is refreshed as changes are made.

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Interested in learning about how our award winning water is treated and transported to your home or how the water that leaves your home is treated and placed back into the James River? Request a tour of our Water Treatment Plant or Wastewater Treatment Plant. Click here to fill out the form.

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