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Last Updated: 2016-09-06


To verify if natural gas is available, call our New Services Office at (804)646-5250 to request a gas permit application.

You will need to know:

  • The address where gas is to be installed.
  • Footage from the nearest intersection to the property line.
  • What gas equipment you will be installing.
  • Gas pressure required to operate the equipment.
  • BTU rating of the equipment.

Other considerations if gas is available

City of Richmond applicants must obtain permits from Planning and Development Review prior to installation. Call (804)646-6981 to get further information.

Chesterfield and Henrico County applicants must also obtain a county permit prior to installation. To obtain a county permit call:

  • Chesterfield County - (804)748-1057
  • Henrico County - (804)501-4360

If water will be installed, a water permit is required and should be requested at the same time as the gas permit.

Who may receive a permit?

Homeowner - owner of a single family residence who resides at the residence.
Contractor - plumber or contractor with a valid master plumbing license.

Customers who file or have contractors file a permit and the service is run and gas service is not established within six months from the time the service line is installed will be charged $1,000 for the failure to utilize the gas service.


Mail or fax the completed gas permit application to

Department of Public Utilities
New Service Team
400 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, Virginia 23224

Fax: (804)646-3199


Gas Inspector will mark the meter location within five days after permit has been filed.


Please contact New Service Team Office at (804)646-5250 to establish your account.


We will install the service line within 45 days on existing mains; within 90 days for most routine new main construction.

Gas Meter Location Requirements


When the gas equipment is in place, the installer should call for an Air Test Inspection. Once the air test has been approved, the meter will be set, usually within three days.


City Residents:

You must request a final inspection to ensure equipment is operating safely. Call (804)646-6981 to arrange for the inspection.

All commercial diaphragm meters will require a 30x30 concrete pad.

It is the owner's responsibility to tag house lines when there is one gas and/or water service for multi-dwelling units.

Being Safe with Natural Gas

Natural gas safety is important!

RVA Impact Map displays projects (i.e. gas, water, paving, etc.), events (i.e. parades, races, block parties, etc.) and right of way impacts (i.e. detours, partial and full lane closures, barricades, parking restrictions, etc.) as an interactive map for informational and navigational purposes. Data displayed is refreshed as changes are made.

Contact Information:

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