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"My commitment to the City of Richmond citizens is to protect and serve."-C.T. Woody Jr., Sheriff

Sheriff C.T. Woody, Jr.

Sheriff C.T. Woody, Jr. is nearing the end of his third consecutive term in the City of Richmond Sheriff's Office. He oversees one of the state's largest local jail populations at the Richmond City Justice Center. His tenure as Sheriff began in January 2006, after successfully unseating the incumbent Sheriff. Then, and now, his vision is to realize a correctional and justice system in the 21st century which focuses more time and resources on reducing offender populations through programmatic solutions that identify and assist offenders who are mentally ill, suffering from addictions, and are homeless.

Sheriff Woody knows that achieving this vision is an ongoing journey that requires commitment for the long term. In 2006, he opened the doors of the Richmond City Jail to the press and public, which left an indelible mark on why his advocacy for a new facility was important to the community, his men and women in uniform and the jail population. Working with two different Mayoral Administrations, City Council and leaders in state government, his priority to see the City build a safer, smaller, and state-of-the-art correctional facility came to fruition in July 2014.

Throughout his storied career as an officer and detective with the Richmond Police Department, Sheriff Woody's advocacy efforts are not new. Through the lens of nearly forty years of arresting individuals and a decade of overseeing their incarceration needs, he knows and understands the spectrum of the criminal justice system. He systematically works to broaden alternate programming and sentencing options for non-violent and mentally challenged offenders. It is a tireless effort without boundaries. Sheriff Woody hopes his work leads to less incarceration and more proactive steps to ensure successful offender reentry into the community.

Sheriff Woody continues to receive national attention for the innovative approach to program service offerings available to jail residents. The 'Father-Daughter Dance,' which is a huge annual success story, recently featured on the acclaimed Steve Harvey Show and CNN's Lisa Ling Show in October 2015. Sheriff Woody's awards, recognition, and list of accomplishments are too many to list and includes the "Martin Luther King, Jr. Outstanding Service to the Community Award" - Sharon Baptist Church; "Community Service Award" - Richmond City Council; recognition of service in Criminal Justice - Sixth Baptist Church; and appointment to Boards by Governors Timothy Kaine and Robert McDonnell.

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