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Earth Aid

What is Earth Aid?

Earth Aid is an online program to educate households about electricty, gas and water usage in context and give residents the opportunity to earn rewards for reduced usage over time. Once registered, the 100% free program pulls from all available historical data to generate a representative annual consumption profile or "baseline" of energy use against which each of your new statements is compared. Earth Aid provides reward points for each kilowatt-hour of electricity, each ten cubic feet of natural gas and every twenty gallons of water saved relative to your baseline. There is no minimum however and there is no penalty for not reducing usage over the course of the year, so participation is risk-ree. There are a number of Richmond area businesses participating in the program, offering discounts and specials in exchange for the rewards points earned by Earth Aid members.

Click here to listen to a brief tutorial on Earth Aid.

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Participating Richmond area businesses

The Yarn Lounge, Lift Coffee, The Republic Restaurant & Bar, Savor, Science Museum of Virginia, Metro Second Music & Recording Studio, Urban Grid Solar, Green Duck, Sourthern Sparkle, For the Love of Petel, Mise En Place, ReStore RVA, Segway of Richmond, Hilton Garden Inn, Venture Richmond, Papa's Pizza, My Coset-Your Treasures, Bikram Yoga Richmond, Business Research & Management Consultants, Inc., Environmental Control Solutions.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Richmond Department of Public Utilites (DPU)-Specific Questions

What affiliation does Earth Aid have with the City of Richmond and/or DPU?

Earth Aid is an independent company that tracks your energy usage and rewards you for saving energy. Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities is excited to promote the city’s partnership with Earth Aid through our newsletter and bill inserts. Richmond DPU does not provide any of your information, personal or otherwise, to Earth Aid. Earth Aid can only retrieve your billing information with your permission.

Does Richmond DPU provide any of my information to Earth Aid?

No. Richmond DPU does not provide any of your information, personal or otherwise, to Earth Aid. Earth Aid can only retrieve your billing information with your permission by signing up at

Do I have to sign up for online billing to use Earth Aid?

Yes. Earth Aid works by you granting it permission to view your energy usage on your online bill; for this to be possible with Richmond DPU at this time, you need to sign up for online billing. This coming spring, however, DPU will be introducing an online access system, and at that point you need not sign up for online billing—only online access—to be able to sign up for Earth Aid.

Where can I get more information about Earth Aid?

Visit myenergy for more information. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

Earth Aid-Specific Questions

How do I earn rewards points?

Once a month, you can earn points for saving electricity, natural gas, and water in your home. Earth Aid compares your consumption levels each month with your usage during the same month in past years. If you've reduced, you earn Earth Aid Rewards Points at the following rates:

  • 1 Earth Aid Rewards Point for every 1kWh of electricity saved
  • 1 Earth Aid Rewards Point for every 10 cubic feet of gas saved
  • 1 Earth Aid Rewards Point for every 20 gallons of water saved

How does my dashboard work?

Consumption Data: The graph shows you how much of each of your utilities you use from month to month. You can view the graph by each utility, amount of CO2 used, or amount of money spent. You can also choose whether to view as Your Baseline vs. This Year or All Time.

Show Detail: Click this link, right below your graph, and you can view statements for each of your utilities. You can view this information by month, which is prorated to show you how much of each utility you use in each calendar month, or by statement, which displays your utility usage exactly as it is displayed on your monthly statements.

Where You Stand in the Community: You can choose to compare your monthly utility usage to other Earth Aid members in the USA, your state, or your zip code for each month. You can also see how you stack up against your friends.

Tips: You can view your To-Do List of tips as well as your list of Completed Tips.

Friends: You can view all of your friends in your network.

How are the averages for water, gas, and electricity usage calculated?

Earth Aid data averages are based on the utility usage of all Earth Aid members. Since the numbers are based on relatively small community, there can be some fluctuation in the averages. As more people join, we will have more data points and therefore more accurate averages. You can help the Earth Aid community grow by inviting your friends to join!

You don't have my utility company listed. Can you add it?

We add new utility providers based on the number of users waiting for each utility. If Earth Aid is not yet compatible with your utility provider, invite your friends who also use your utility provider to join Earth Aid. The more people waiting for a particular utility, the sooner it can be added to the site! We're aiming for near-universal coverage of all American utility providers in the very near future.

I'm having trouble linking my utility accounts to Earth Aid.

If you are having trouble linking your utility accounts to Earth Aid, first log into your utility account on your provider's website and confirm that you have an online account set up. Then make sure that you are entering the correct login credentials on the Earth Aid site for each utility provider. If this still doesn't work you can send us a message and our team will look into the issue.

My Earth Aid account isn't retrieving my utility data correctly.

If you have noticed an issue with your utility information, send us an email explaining the problem and we will have it resolved shortly.

How do I know my personal information will be safe with Earth Aid?

Our members' privacy is extremely important to us. Rest assured that no one from Earth Aid will ever access information about your bank account, credit card, or sensitive personal information. This information is available to your utility company only, and we only have access to the data regarding your utility consumption. By signing up you are allowing us to "read your meter" so that we can measure your energy use and report back to you on the amount you save over time.

I want to delete my Earth Aid account.

We're sorry to see you leave Earth Aid! To close your account simply navigate to your account settings page and select between suspending your account, adjusting privacy settings, or closing it altogether. Please note that closing it altogether will destroy all of your historic data and we will not be able to retrieve it if you opt to create a new account in the future.

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